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Cerulean 3


voyages in dub-jazz

Featuring Aleph Aguiar (guitar) and Mikele Montolli (bass) alongside Andy Watts (trumpet & flugelhorn) Cerulean 3’s sound is rooted in the contemporary jazz of the 60s and 70s - influenced by the music of the Herbie Hancock and Chet Baker groups of the period. The trio recorded their debut EP in summer 2019, and intend to release this in early 2020.

This record features Andy’s original compositions, heavy use of effects pedals, and overtones of dub and psychedelia melded with the slightly more ‘straight-ahead’ modern jazz sound showcased above.

Until that is ready, we invite you to wrap your ears around our versions of ‘Eye Of The Hurricane’ (Herbie Hancock) above, and ‘Cerulean Sunset’ (Andy Watts) below.


Andy endorses Eclipse Trumpets and Flugelhorns.