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It's like jazz... But heavier!

RAKINO quartet

IT’S like jazz… But heavier…

Following our debut album Otherwise Fine (2017), the Quartet has been on hiatus while I’ve been touring other projects and writing new material.

In 2019, the newly christened Rakino Quartet are recording a new album, featuring a brand new line-up of Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Upright Bass and Drums.

The name Rakino Quartet is an expression of both celebrating the past, and looking to the future. Rakino is the name of an island in the Hauraki Gulf in Auckland - where I grew up - so it represents my past and the traditions I have come from. Musically this is reflected in the nods to both 60’s Hard Bop and the 90’s Downtown Scene in our repertoire - two of my favourite periods in New York music, that influence me heavily. Rakino sits beyond the shelter of two large islands, and looks out toward the open ocean - to me this is a nice representation of trying new things and looking to create a new story, so the name felt right!

Check out the promo videos below - and keep an eye on this site and my facebook feed for more details on the album release!

Until the new record is out - ‘Otherwise Fine’ is available below via bandcamp.
Thanks for listening!


Andy endorses Eclipse Trumpets and Flugelhorns.